Listed below are the members of Madison CT Rotary:


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Member Name   Classification
Bob Anderson   
Eileen Banisch    Chamber of Commerce
Tom Banisch    Chemical Marketing
Scott Beckwith   
Dianne Berg   
Craig Bernard    Stock Broker
Shirley Birkmeyer    Real EstateRelocation
Brian Bishop   
Bryant Boyd   
Chris Brown, Jr    Door & Window Sales
Tish Brown    Commercial Rentals
Jim Bushong   
Angelo Christina    Contractor - Remodeling
Ron Clark   
Chuck Compton    Commercial Banking
Arthur Criddle    AutoRetail
Beth Crowley   
Jack Davis    PsychairtyEducator
Ruth DeSarbo   
B.J. Ehrgott-Haab   
Jean Ferris   
Omar Francis   
Bill Freeman   
Robert Friend   
Ben Haag    Electronic Importing
Dana Hatch   
Mike Iacurci    Attorney
Gunnar Johnson    Instructor, Dance
Mara Johnson   
David Katz   
Noreen Kokoruda   
Peter Lemley    Electrical Contractor
Justin Lindahl   
Paul Lirot    Goldsmith
Marcie Lustgarten    Optometrist
John Matthews    Architect Commercial
Fillmore McPherson   
Alex Miele   
Dale Moore    Writer
David Moore    Flight Safety Consulting
Ken Munro    Airline Pilot
Geraldine "Kitty" O' Shannon, PDG   
Don Oslander    Insurance Administration
Ed Pellegrino   
Michael Perry   
Tom Ruberti    Automobile Retailing
Janet Sandella    Banking, Mortgage
Jim Satterwhite    Aircraft Development
Mike Silberberg    Insurance
Kent Sprague    Quick Printer
Sahara Steedle   
Rob Stevens   
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