Interact is a community service organization for young people of ages 14 through 18, most often sponsored by a high school. The first Interact Club was founded on 28 October 1962, Today there are more than 6000 clubs around the world and each is sponsored by a Rotary Club.


The Madison Rotary Club is the sponsor of the Daniel Hand High School Interact Club. While the Rotary Club provides guidance and inspiration, the Interact Club is self-governing and self-supporting, giving members a chance to develop a range of leadership skills while learning the value of teamwork.


The name Interact stands for interaction with community as well as international action. Action is a primary word because Interactors are doers who want to solve problems and improve the quality of life in their own community and around the world. Since many of the projects which Interact is involved in use the vehicle of raising money by walks and runs, the DHHS Interact Club has established an alternative approach to fund-raising rather than requesting individuals to sign up monetary sponsor's for each walk or run.  The DHHS Interact Club sponsors one major fund raiser each year - "SHOWBOAT" - and allocates the funds raised there to make sizable contributions to events as an event patron. This saves valuable student time and allows all of the Interact students who sign up to participate without having to turn in any money individually.