Announcements: Robert thanked everyone for coming together and making Capitol Steps the huge success that it was.  550 people attended.  Final figures are not in yet; but upwards of $16,000 profit is expected.
President Jim and Art attended the Board of Education meeting.  The Interact Club was commended by the Board for being honored by District 7980 for winning the International Award.  Congratulations to all Interact members!  We are proud of you!!
Don Zabel was presented a Paul Harris Sapphire Award by President Jim.  Don has contributed $1000 to the Rotary Foundation; thus he received the highest honor a Rotarian can receive.  Congratulations Don!


Visiting Rotarians & Guests:  Visiting Rotarians: Chip Marsh and Trisha Bowens from Branford.  Also Petre Ungureanu from Romania .  Petre and his wife are here in Madison visiting their new granddaughter born in November.  He presented Pres, Jim a flag from his club.  Jim presented him with our club flag.


Pictures in Paper:  Dick Benson, and also Eileen for being on the evening news



Birthdays/Anniversaries/Happy Dollars: 

  • Gene $5 for many in May, sad $1 that his son will be able to get his learners permit next May; 
  • Janet paid to announce that you have 21 more shopping days to buy her birthday gift;
  • Robert $5 for his 77 year old mother and son Teddy who turned 7.  Don for his late father;
  • Chip's grandson;
  • Burt's son on Mother's Day, also thanked David for the ride today;
  • Marcie for her birthday; 
  • Tom for 10 months of wedded bliss yesterday; celebrating at a table for 2 in a dark corner;
  • Eileen for Ruth's birthday next Wednesday which is her Mother's also; Ruth paid $5. 
  • Was going to announce birthday next week; sad Joe was in an accident this morning.  His big black Escalade had to be towed away, but thankful  he did not get hurt.  Congratulated Robert for a fantastic job chairing Captiol Steps; 
  • Robert sad he lost his badge at Capitol Steps; but Gunnar pulled it out of his sleeve.  Robert so happy to have it back; he will pay $50 for the return. 
  • President Jim for his 4th anniversary of being a member of the Madison Rotary Club;
  • Michelle $10 for her birthday; her sister's and brother's also; 
  • Janet for GSE program and thanked Dale for the amazing job she does; 
  • Dale $5 for Philippine Team Members;
  • Art sad he missed Capitol Steps, but he was in PA attending his grandson's 1st Communion.  Also took his 97 year old mother shopping buying clothes for the future.  She is a remarkable woman and still going strong. 
  • Don happy to have received Paul Harris Award; sad to have missed Capitol Steps; happy to be back after tax season; is bringing daughter home from college and taking son back to college. 
  • Ron thanked Pres. Jim and Robert for the light they shed on just what Rotary does during the introduction to Capitol Steps;
  • Robert who was still beaming from Saturday night thanked everyone on every level for the club pulling together making the show a huge success!! Happy for the GSE team; thanked Dale and David and the host families. 
  • Pres. Jim $20 thanked everyone for Capitol Steps. 
  • Ron $1 for leaving early.

Program:  Dale introduced the GSE Team:  Catalina Hilario the team leader from District 3830 in the Philippines who belongs to an all female Rotary Club consisting of 30 members.  You go girl!!  The club is in its 11th year and very, very active.  Lloyd Lim; Twinkle Legaspi; Sol Racclis; and Marieble Nadal.  The team members were chosen from 32 applicants.  They presented a documentary of their beautiful country consisting of thousands of islands described as a paradise with all of its history, culture, wildlife, festivals, shopping and romantic honeymoon getaways. Catalina pinned Pres. Jim with a Rotary Friendship pin.   Club flags were presented from each team member and they
received one of ours.



Raffle:  Bryant. Chris and Pres. Jim could have won a 50/50 split of $550.00 in the
basket.  However no one picked the golden card.  There are only 14 cards left in deck.




Four Way Test:   Bryant Boyd          Editor:  Ruth




Coming Door People and Editors:

Editor 5/15: Craig Bernard
Editor 5/22: Karel Malovany


On the door 5/15:  John Matthews and Mary Minshall
On the door 5/22:  Don Zabel & Kent Sprague