Hi everyone!


Ben Haag asked me to get the following message to all members:


My wife Patti completed her half marathon at the New Haven road race this Labor Day past in record time.  She finished 7th in a field of 47 racers in her age category!  She has raised a significant amount of money which she will contribute to the Haitian Health Foundation.  Several Rotary members have supported her with generous contributions.
The Haitian Health Foundation helps the poorest of the poor in a country mired in persist ant poverty.  At the risk of inducing compassion overload, I would like to ask our membership to support this cause.  A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated...
If possible, kindly bring your checkbooks to this Thursdays' meeting and please open your hearts and wallets to a worthy cause.
Thank you all in advance;
Ben + Patti Haag