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NEWSLETTER - Archive Apr 10, 2008
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THIS WEEK: TBA, but be there anyway!

LAST WEEK: Pres. Jim brought the meeting to order at 12:30 PM, VISITING ROTARIAN and former member of our club, Gerhard Schier led the PLEDGE, and Art Criddle gave the INVOCATION.



  • Brian Bishop, Foundation Chair, stated that we would partner with a different Rotary Club in Uganda.
  • Pres. Jim informed us that we would not be doing a dictionary program with The Country School because it has its own program.
  • Janet Sandella informed us that only 74 of 700 tickets for Capitol Steps have been sold. We have only one month until show time and face $25,000 in expenses. She also informed us that Internet credit card sales will cost the buyer an additional $2 per ticket.
  • Gunnar Johnson announced that he and Eileen on 04/13/08 are starting a new series of 6 dance classes @ $150 per couple with all proceeds going to the Foundation.

SGT AT ARMS Ron asked for VISROTARS: Gerhard Schier.  VISITORS: Eileen B.'s guest, Phil Devlin,
today's speaker. PICS: NONE



  • Ruth's younger brother's 65th.
  • Linda Reyka's brother's 59th and mother's 86th.
  • Brian Boyd's mother-in-law's 80th and he's happy that she won't be celebrating it with him!
  • Shirley's grandson Zack's birthday "sometime this month".


ANNIVERSARY: Ben Haag sad with the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King's death.


HAPPY DOLLARS: Burt Gesner happy for his sister and for ride from Ruth. Janet Sandella will be
away on vacation next week to visit with in-laws in Florida and happy that Eileen B volunteered
stat to handle the treasury for her. Don Buehl sad that wife has just returned from FL and happy
that she's left for the Cape with female friends - or was that happy and sad? Ruth happy that she
and Tish did an Amber Alert at Haddam/Killingworth School at which they registered 109 children
and received $140 in donations. Eileen J. happy for "Capitol Steps" sign on Jack Davis' building.
Ben Haag $5 for wife Pat's half marathon effort in Central Park, NYC this coming Sunday to benefit
the Haitian Health Foundation. Bob Green happy to add that he's completed 34 grant applications to
R I Foundation for $300,000 for 60 water wells for Uganda. Dave Moore $5 for being late and for
resolving the problem of money being wire transferred to his account from someone else's account.
Art Criddle sad $3 for wife's extraction of 2 teeth today, sad that Helen Burland is leaving but
happy with Pat Haag's's effort to benefit the Haitian Health Foundation. Tom Banisch happy with
Gunnar/Eileen's upcoming dance classes and post class libations and that Pete Lemley finishing
electrical work at the Little League Concession Stand. Gerhard happy to be back. Eileen B happy
for upcoming family re-union in Trumbull. Shirley $4 for Paul's 4 day absence and her son's care
for her.


PROGRAM CHAIR Eileen B. introduced Phil Devlin former teacher at the Haddam/Killingworth School
who gave a power point pictorial presentation of a trip that he and his brother made to Normandy,
France to view the beaches, battlefields, cemeteries, monuments commemorating The Battle of the
Bulge in which his father and uncle participated. Known as Operation Overlord, it was and is the
largest battle and involved 12,000 aircraft, 6939 Ships, 150,000 allied troops and tens of
thousands of support personnel. Those not present missed a wonderful presentation.


RAFFLE: $307 which no 1 1 (one, won)!




EDITOR: Malo - vany

Editor 4/10:  Craig Bernard
Editor 4/17: Chuck Compton
Editor 4/24: Karel Malovany

On the door 4/10:  The brothers Christina.
On the door 4/17:  Shirley Birkmeyer & Tom Burland
On the door 4/24: BJ Ehrgott & Bob Green